FAQ about Interior & Exterior Painting in Oshawa

FAQ about Interior & Exterior Painting in Oshawa

Licensed painters are those who have the right to operate within that area. Insured means the contractor has insurance to protect you as well as the business. Moreover, the bare minimum coverage is undoubtedly a good move. However, you need to know that license and insurance for these painters are extremely important. So, you must first ask them if they own both and then hire.

Planning to hire interior & exterior painting contractor in Oshawa? Then you need to ask some of the important questions before finalizing the contract. 

What type of paint would the painter use?

Ask the interior & exterior painting contractor in Oshawa what type of paint they would use. Most of the established painters use high quality and best paints and primers for your home or office. Since the type of paints differ as per buildings, the painters often need to evaluate your home before letting you know what paint they would use.

Would the painter give an estimate?

They would definitely give you an estimate. But that would be possible only after the painter has visited the home or office. He needs to check several things such as number of rooms, time needed to complete the task, etc in order to give you a proper estimate. If the painter doesn’t provide you any estimate on paper, you need to avoid the painter.

Is there any need of power washing before painting?

Yes, it is important to clean the walls to remove all signs of dust and dirt. This would give you a clean surface to paint. Apart from this, you don’t need to pay extra for this as the price is included in your paint job price.

Is there any warranty?

Well, you do get warranty when you hire professional Residential & Commercial Painters. But not all companies offer you such facility. So, know if the painter provides you warranty and then hire them.

How would the painter apply the paint?

Even though each task varies, the painter might use a combination of brush and roll to paint the ceilings, walls and more. There are also painters who use spray paints for good quality finish.

Does the painter have samples of previous work?

Ask your painter if he would show you samples of previous work.  Since you are looking for Residential & Commercial Painters ensure that you ask them for previous work samples.